Seekers of Counseling and Therapy

We do not generally live as isolated individuals, but as part of a greater whole; and those relationships often increase the challenges for the individual and those surrounding them. It is complicated for adults as well as for parents, children and teens. These pressures often result in depression, divorce, school or work concerns, legal difficulties, drug use, fights and sexual issues.

There are times when we look at our life and wonder how we can feel more fulfilled, be more effective. We think about what our hopes and dreams are and what we can begin to do now to make those dreams become reality. My therapeutic focus supports individuals and families to be their most effective, to make use of their strengths and to build positive outcomes.  I support you in walking this path, whether you are an individual or as part of a couple or family.


  • I work with youth and families in my office, in the community and in their homes, where they live. 
  • I believe that people want to move beyond insight about “the problem” in order to change the behavior causing them pain.
  • I will challenge you to grow at a rate that you can sustain.
  • Working together, I walk your path alongside you, respecting the road you choose to travel.
  • In my experience, the technique and modality used by the therapist seems to be secondary to the person the therapist brings to the room, namely, how they show up as an honest, authentic person.
  • I bring my SELF and share your strengths, joys, pains and successes.

Individual Counseling often serves to help a person move forward in their life. It may include how you are dealing with loss, or issues in your work environment that are causing you to feel less effective.

Marriage and Relationship Therapy:  As a couple, you may have arrived at a point where you believe that your relationship needs to shift so that you can continue to have a productive bond.  We will look at ways that you can do so that meet both of your needs in the healthiest way possible.

Family Therapy often involves parent’s concerns about how to manage their child’s behavior more effectively. Adolescents are frequently a particular challenge, and one that I particularly enjoy.  While keeping your values at the forefront, we will work to address your concerns both individually and as a family.  Parents frequently feel judged and disregarded by the professionals working with their family. You are the experts on your family, and I see my job as to assist you to identify all of your strengths and to make use of those strengths in implementing changes.  We generally bring back the laughter as part of the process.

Men’s Issues:  Men are often faced with difficult challenges in their life. They have to address the goals that they have set for themselves and the goals that others have for them, and they feel torn. They would like to be the man that they want to be, and at the same time stuck.  I work collaboratively with those men who want to grow and feel more successful in their lives.